Riddle Riddle! It’s a Wedding

Did you know that most couples wait at least six months to get married after getting engaged?


Six months!

Some couples even extend their baking period to eighteen months!

18 MONTHS! No kidding!

That must be nothing less than downright nervy. Just imagine how sinuous the hours… days… weeks… months… will phase in and out.

You don’t want to traverse through that!

If December is the most popular month to get engaged… and it is… then you are only a few months into preparation for the wedding day.

Don’t stress it!

This period can be so energy draining sliding into zilch-zone excitement.

It is so delicate that if it is not nursed with forethought, the mirth that dewed on you at the proposal could effervesce with a puff.

Oh yeah, doubt could set in if the wait begins to feel like forever.

Innocent small-love-talks will become petulant. Danger is that it will gently obliterate that cord that drew you in and bounded you two together.

‘Ɛkye na ɛ dwo’, an Akan saying, which means the longer the wait, the less exciting it becomes.

This is so true.

You don’t to stifle the romance out of your marriage because you kept the wedding at bay.

Don’t fall into that trap; it is a matter of life and death.

It really is!

Next week, we are going to look at all, everything you must consider in planning for a memorable wedding day; your checklist on how to have a Perfect Wedding.

We are here for your complete wedding overhaul.


…we will help you!

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How’d you want your Wedding Day?

The happiest day of your life…


Or… Are you being coerced to walk down that pearly ailse, with petals floating in the still air about your neck masking the gay frown behind a suffocating veil?

That will be a crime in this day!

A choice to get hitched, this day, comes with some degree of glee – finding true love, or striding into a hub of comfortable living. I’d advise the former, though.

Whatever your reason is, this day must be marked in Grand Style.

Yes, Grand! As in visibly remarkable, with a peculiar Style that will always make you proud of your decision when you look back.

What’s that tickle in your abdomen? Don’t fright!

Grand Style does not necessarily connote deep pocket budgets, especially when you are laying a foundation for your happily ever after.

You can have your dream wedding…

… And not get into fights with your spouse after.

That’s why we are here!

Speak to Hellen or send a mail and start planning towards The Best Day of Your Life.

It’s not too early – the earliest the best!

It’s neither too late, would you prefer never?

We will help you!

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How to have a Perfect Wedding and other posts are also available.

How to have a Perfect Wedding


A true wedding experience for you.
Tailored and crafted specifically for your wildest fantasy.


Is that the retort your tummy exclaims at this thought?

You have watched a lot of YouTube and Instagram ‘Perfect Weddings‘ events.
It’s time you had yours!

It’s true!

You will have your perfect-fantasy wedding.

Again, it is true your perfect-fantasy wedding can cost an arm and a leg

… however, we will debunk that assertion.

We will let your mind at ease as we take care of:

  • Providing a fairytale event center
  • Planning and coordinating your entire wedding dream
  • Providing party logistics for up to 200 guests
  • Handling decor and event styling to your total admiration
  • Providing lighting and all the special effects that will make your chimera really come to live
  • Providing a comprehensive expert Photography and Videography service to capture these once-in-a-lifetime moments
  • And music that will serenade you and your sweetheart as you begin a journey of bliss and fulfillment


Can you imagine?

Probably, the arm and the leg assertion is valid for this…

…but, we have a surprise for you!
Yes, YOU!

Call Hellen now

She’s going to blow your imaginations… creatively.

Just a sneak peek…

We will help you carve your deepest thoughts; aesthetically bring them to live; and preserve all those celestial moments even into eternity!

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